3 Ways to Enjoy the Summertime Sunshine

3 Ways to Enjoy the Summertime Sunshine

Ever wonder why we feel so happy being outside surrounded by nature? The health benefits are real–they’re not just in your head. Soaking up the rays boosts essential Vitamin D levels and gives a real lift to mood. Even just 30 minutes a day can make a difference. This summer, make time for yourself and get out and enjoy the weather while you can. Here are three ways you can have fun and enjoy the sunshine.


Fun & Games

Get outside and play! Make your own sidewalk chalk DIY style with BulbHead.When's the last time you got creative and crafty? Did you know it's super easy to make your own sidewalk chalk? All you need are tempera paints in fun colors, plaster of Paris and silicone molds in whatever shapes you wish. (If you'd like to make the classic "chalk" shape, simply use cardboard rolls lined with wax paper.) In a plastic cup, mix one cup of plaster of Paris, 3/4 cup of cold water, and tempera paint and stir with a plastic spoon. Pour your mixture into the silicone molds (or your cardboard rolls) and wait a day for it to dry before popping out. Now get outside and play. This sidewalk chalk draws just like store-bought and easily rinses off with water.
Relax outdoors with Bug Out Brella!

Bug Out Brella

Do you ever feel like breaking out the lawn chairs and umbrella and just lounging? But yuck–those pesky bugs are everywhere and they are impossible to avoid. Protect yourself with the super convenient Bug Out Brella. The see-through mesh screen easily hangs over your existing umbrella so annoying flies and mosquitoes stay away, allowing you to just enjoy being outside. Bug Out Brella allows you to have delicious meals, relax while reading, or just appreciate being outside without being hassled by disgusting bugs.

ChillBar-Beauty2-720Chill Bar

While in the hot sun, you gotta keep hydrated. Keep the party going under your Bug Out Brella with Chill Bar. Chill Bar is inflatable and keeps drinks and food ice cold for hours. Over 4½ feet long, the Chill Bar easily holds cans, bottles, dishes, and bowls — anything you need. Just fill with ice and you're ready keep cool and refreshed!





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