Three Ways to Enjoy Your Next Picnic

Three Ways to Enjoy Your Next Picnic

The sun is shining, the temperature is a pleasant 80 degrees and you’re hungry, so what do you do? Well, when’s the last time you went outside and simply enjoyed yourself and your surroundings with a good meal? You work hard, you deserve to take a break and enjoy the toasty sunshine before the cold, harsh winter hits us once again. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a picnic. Before you grab the basket and blanket and head to the great outdoors, we’ll share some fun tips that’ll make your next outing a success!

Enjoy your next picnic with these helpful tips

The Food
What’s a good picnic without great food? Whether you’re making your own meal or purchasing to-go, make sure to bring a small cooler or an insulated bag to keep your food cool and fresh. Cut up fruit makes an excellent choice, along with tasty sandwiches, and yummy pasta salad. Don’t forget the drinks – iced tea and nice cold lemonade make classic choices. Don’t forget to bring plates, napkins, silverware, and a garbage bag to bring it all back with you. No one likes a litter bug. Keep everything light and compact so it’s easy to bring in and take out in case your spot happens to be a bit of a hike.

Fun & Games
So, what do you do after you’ve enjoyed your delicious meal? Play some games! Bring a pack of cards, toss a Frisbee, play a game of catch, or simply relax on your blanket. The sky’s the limit when it comes to entertainment outside. If you’ve gone to a place with trails, pack up your stash and head out on a nice nature walk. Put down the phone (you don’t need to take selfies today!) and enjoy your day.

grab bagThe Essentials
So you’ve got your friends, basket of food, plates and silverware, garbage bags, and games. Did you remember bug spray? How about sunscreen? What’s a picnic without a nice soft blanket to lie on? It may seem like you have a ton of stuff to carry, but if you store it all in an insulated Grab Bag you’ll be able to carry it all in one trip! Comfortable double handles won’t dig into your hands so carrying Grab Bag is a snap; sturdy sides, broad base and fastening tabs keep it upright and stable in your car so your delicious food and handy supplies won’t tip over.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and take a picnic. We'd love to hear your favorite recipes or go-to games to play outside. Comment below!

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