Toasty Tips to Keep Warm this Winter

Toasty Tips to Keep Warm this Winter

He’s finally here—Old Man Winter! Let’s be honest, November and December had weird and unseasonably warm weather but jeez, that sudden and dramatic drop in temperature has all of us shivering and longing for the dog days of summer. That got us thinking, besides cranking up the heat, there have to be better ways to keep toasty!


Keep warm and cozy this winter with these tips!


Turn on the Fan

Whaaat? It sounds like we’re going in the opposite direction here, but we’re not joking! Warm air rises, right? So, turn on the ceiling fan (on its lowest setting, in a clockwise direction). That nice, warm air that’s hanging out around the ceiling will push back down onto you. Ahh. Feeling better yet?


Bake A Few Dozen Cookies

When it’s cold and gray out, that’s the perfect day for getting messy in the kitchen: Go ahead and get baking. Using your oven all day is a cozy way to heat up your home. Make it a party and invite your friends over for a bake off! (Plus the extra body heat in your home will help.) In between cookie batches, leave the oven door slightly open to let all that heat pour out. So nice! And the cookies are pretty great too.


Light Some Candles

Lit candles add such a lovely atmosphere to your home, but these small but mighty flames can produce quite a lot of heat in a small area. Of course, always be mindful of where they’re placed and never leave them unattended!


Mind Your Head

Your mom wasn’t being a nag when she told you to bundle up and wear your hat—so much of your body heat escapes from your head! Toss a cute beanie on, sip on something warm, and relish in your coziness.


Snuggle Up

There’s not much to do in the wintertime. It gets dark so early and we can feel so lethargic. Cold, dark nights are the perfect time to grab some thick, warm blankets and curl up on the sofa and watch a movie with the one you love. Make it extra toasty by whipping up some hot chocolate with yummy marshmallows. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a date night in!

Do you have any toasty tips to keep warm when the temps dip? Share with us in the comments!

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