Travel Solutions for Labor Day

Travel Solutions for Labor Day

It's hard to believe that summer is winding down. Soon, the leaves will turn from green to yellow and start to fall, the shortening nights will get cool and crisp, and snow will fall. But for now, it's time to enjoy one last weekend of fun. Whether you're going out of town for a family BBQ or traveling to the ocean for some sun, we have some travel solutions to make your Labor Day weekend safe.

Get travel solutions for Labor Day weekend from BulbHead.




Lock up your credit cards with Card Lock. Keep your credit and debit cards safe with Card Lock. Information hijackers use RFID scanner technology to "skim" and steal your card information. These stylish credit card sleeves not only look great in your wallet, but they block skimming, too. How does Card Lock work? High-tech, frequency-blocking polymers are woven into the covers of your cards. They fit neatly into your wallet or purse and block RFID scans completely. Keeping your credit cards safe while you travel is important and Card Lock is your solution! Sounds like a win-win to us.


Charging Station transforms a standard outlet into a dock for up to five devices!When you travel, along come the electronics, the phones, the tablets, the e-readers. And when you travel with family, that's a whole lot of electronics to charge! You need Charging Station, the deluxe smartphone charging station that transforms a standard outlet into a dock for up to five devices! No more searching the house for an unused outlet, or fighting over who gets to charge their phone first. With Charging Station, you can save space and conveniently charge all your devices at once. It's perfect in the kitchen, frees up precious counter space, and keeps your devices safe from spills! Charging Station is a must-have when traveling with a multi-device family. 


Free up your hands with Grab-It! Taking a road trip this Labor Day weekend? Free up your hands with Grab-It! Grab-It holds your devices for you securely and wherever you want them. Use it in your car, in the kitchen, at work, boat, camper, or home, perfect for travel. You can easily mount your smartphone or GPS on your dashboard for smooth driving. Removal is easy, just press the valve. Grab-It Universal Mount holds up to 10 pounds and pivots 350 degrees for convenient access from many angles.

These three products are the perfect travel solutions for your Labor Day weekend. Are you planning on taking a trip? Where are ya headed? Let us know in the comments below!

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