US Military Hero Loves Atomic Beam Tactical Lighting

US Military Hero Loves Atomic Beam Tactical Lighting

Hunter Ellis has had an amazing military and TV career. Now the former naval aviator has made the move to pitchman role and he loves the Atomic Beam products.

“I'm a gear guy and the Atomic Beam USA Collection of ultra-bright tactical lights are light weight and as tough as nails. They're so well-made and easy to use. There are so many real-world applications for these products and it was a no-brainer when I was asked to represent them."

Hunter Ellis flying with the Blue Angels

Hunter is a natural for talking about products that utilize technology used by US Special Forces. And as you'll see for yourself, this man's prestigious military career is beyond impressive. Ellis graduated first in his flight class. Over his 10-year career, he amassed over 2000 hours of flight time in the F/A 18 Hornet. He also nailed an astounding 433 air craft carrier landings! In addition, he completed two Middle East deployments and was an F/A-18C Flight Demonstrations Pilot in Miramar. (Yeah, that’s right, the famed Top Gun flight school.) Most noteworthy, he's flown with the renowned Blue Angels and Thunderbirds and has skydived with the Army Golden Knights.

Hunter has also hosted a number of television shows and has even won an Emmy Award. He has traveled to more than forty different countries around the globe. And he was even a contestant on the reality show, Survivor in 2002. It's pretty apparent to us that Mr. Ellis never does anything that would be considered boring!

Check out the Atomic Beam Lights for Yourself

The Atomic Beam Flashlight, Atomic Beam Lantern, and the Atomic Beam Headlight just might be the brightest indoor/outdoor lighting you will ever own. You’ll find an infinite amount of uses like walking at night, backyard gatherings, working in the garage, and they’re perfect for hiking, camping, trucks and boats! If you need a solution for seeing in the dark, Hunter Ellis will tell you that these products are what you are going to need.

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