Winter is Coming: Prepare Like a Boss

Winter is Coming: Prepare Like a Boss

When temperatures start dropping, it’s time to start prepping. Autumn is beautiful, but all those colorful leaves will eventually drop, leaving stark landscapes and cold fronts that’ll make your teeth chatter.

One of the biggest challenges of the chilliest season of the year is driving. Whether you’re on your way to work or coming home from a dinner party on a snowy night, you need to get around safely, and that means preparing for a few eventualities.

To get unstuck from snow, ice, or mud quickly, have the Zip Grip Go Tire Traction Aid on hand. Lightweight and easy to store in the trunk, it’s a heavy-duty zip tie system that attaches to tires in minutes, getting you on your way quickly and safely.


If you do get into a situation where your tires are spinning, use the Multi-Link Traction Mat to get unstuck fast — no shoveling, pushing, or chains in required. Just roll out the grippy, flexible mat, put it under the stuck tire’s leading edge, and get going. It rolls up and fits neatly into an included space-saving storage bag:

Multi Link Traction Mat gets your car unstuck.


Smart winter preparations are all about anticipating issues. Give yourself a boost in the mornings by ensuring a clear windshield without needing to scrape yourself raw. The Magnetic Windshield Cover uses six magnets and under-door side flaps to hold its water-repellent cover snugly to your car. Bonus: it also protects wiper blades and fluid dispensers from the elements.


Speaking of mornings, there’s nothing worse than starting off your day by getting into a freezing cold car. Travel in comfort this year with a Heated Car Cushion. Simply plug it into your car’s 12-volt socket and it instantly transforms any vehicle into one with fancy heated seats:

Heated car seat cushion warms up cold seats!


For even more comfort in the car, use the Heated Travel Throw in the front or back seats. Great for kids or older relatives, it also plugs right into your car’s 12-volt socket for convenient and instantly warmth.


For those sick of shoveling, it may be time to upgrade to the Rolling Snow Pusher. Save time and your back by using this clever device whose wide blade is mounted on stout rubber wheels, with an adjustable metal handle so you can make short work of snow in your driveway.

Rolling Snow Pusher makes shoveling a snap.


Finally, the last thing you want to be doing is changing a flat in the middle of sleet or snow. Keep an Airman Airgun on hand to effortlessly inflate tires (car tires as well as bike tires, and more). The smartest, lightest airgun you'll ever own, it includes an LED light so you won't need a flashlight. It also has its own pressure gauge, preset auto-stop function, and adaptors, all of which run on an included rechargeable battery or 12V cable adaptor.

Winter is full of delights: cozying up by a fire, sipping on hot chocolate with friends, and making snow angels, just to name a few. Make your preparations now for a smooth, hassle-free, and effortlessly bright snowy season.

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