Your Kid Needs These Summer Camping Essentials

Your Kid Needs These Summer Camping Essentials
Growing up, camp season was always my favorite time of the year. Camp meant smores, swimming, and tons of fun (and bug bites)! Your camper will definitely need a bottle or two of bug spray, but don't forget other camping essentials! We've put together a list of camping essentials to make packing for camp a little easier.

1. Joseph Joseph 12 pc Storage Set

Joseph Joseph 12 pc Storage Set

This storage set is perfect for sleepaway campers and day campers! The nesting containers and lids take up less space than traditional storage sets, and the color-coding makes matching lids to containers a breeze! For day campers, the Joseph Joseph 12 pc Storage Set is perfect for packing lunches and snacks; the containers are airtight to keep food fresh and reusable to help reduce waste from disposable plastic baggies and foil! The variety of sizes makes this storage set perfect for sleepaway campers too! Make toiletries, small toys, electronics (headphones, chargers, etc.), and even small items like bobby pins and hair ties easy to pack, see, and find!

2. My Critter Catcher Long-Handled Insect Grabber

My Critter Catcher Long-Handled Insect Grabber

Bugs are inevitable at camp. They’re fine outside and in the forest, but you definitely don’t want them in your child’s cabin. Our My Critter Catcher securely traps spiders, scorpions, and other bugs without killing them for an easy return back to the outside where they belong. It’s thin and light enough that even small hands can use it easily. As a bonus, your child will be a hero in their cabin for protecting their fellow campers from all those pests.

3. Shoes Under Shoe Organizer

Shoes Under Shoe Organizer

Speaking of bugs, those little pests are great at playing hide-and-seek. They hide undetected in shoes, storage boxes, backpacks, and any other exposed nook or cranny. After my first year at camp, my mom learned from her mistakes and banished my camp gear to the garage until it could be washed, sanitized, and freed of any stow-aways. Protect your camper from a scorpion hiding in their camp sneakers or other bug making a nest in their favorite stuffed animal with the Shoes Under Shoe Organizer. The protective zippered top protects shoes, accessories, stuffed animals, and other items from bugs and other unwanted guests. And, it will help keep your child’s stuff together and organized (no more forgotten belongings banished to the lost and found). Our tip: if your child’s camp allows snacks from home, store them in the Shoes Under Shoe Organizer to keep them neat, protected, and easy to see.

4. Atomic Cool

Atomic Cool

When I was a camper—a long, long, long time ago—our cabin was at the mercy of Mother Nature. Except for the occasional fan, if it was hot outside, it was hot inside. Help your sleepaway camper stay cool and comfortable in their cabin all summer long with the Atomic Cool Portable Personal Cooling System. The compact cooling system cools up to 50 square feet—perfect for a stuffy cabin or bunk!

5. Night Hero Binoculars

Night Hero

Whether your child attends day camp or goes away to overnight camp, chances are they’ll be engaged in outdoor activities like hiking, nature walks, and even birdwatching. Night Hero Binoculars are perfect for catching every bird, plant, bug, and fish near or far. The built-in night vision capability is also great for nighttime hikes, after-dark swims, and any other nighttime activity.

6. Atomic Beam Lantern

The Atomic Beam Lantern is perfect for sleeping out under the stars, lighting the way to the campfire, and lighting up a cabin after lights-out! This lantern also has a magnetic base so it can stick to any metal surface for hands-free use. Younger campers can even use the lower light setting as a nightlight for a little bit of extra comfort and security while away from home. 

7. Atomic Beam Flashlight

Atomic Beam Flashlight

A good flashlight is a no-brainer for any camping checklist. The Atomic Beam flashlight has five different beam settings (including an S.O.S. and strobe), is water-resistant and shock-resistant, and lightweight! It’s perfect for late-night scary stories, nighttime walks, and even cabin dance parties.

8. Battle Vision

Battle Vision

Camp usually means a summer of hiking, swimming, boating, and other outdoor activities. A pair of quality sunglasses can make outdoor time easier, safer, and more enjoyable! Battle Vision Polarized Sunglasses will protect your child’s eyes from the harsh summer sun—and they’re built Atomic Tough to withstand an entire summer of banging, dropping, and squishing!

9. Battle Vision Night Vision

Battle Vision Night vision

Part of the camping tradition is playing practical jokes on your bunkmates (and cabin chaperones). One of our favorites was a prank we called the ‘Sleeping Switcheroo.’ The idea was to swap everyone’s sheets and blankets while they were sleeping so everyone would wake up confused. A pair of night vision glasses like Battle Vision Night Vision would have made fumbling around the dark so much easier. Plus, Battle Vision Night Vision glasses are great for navigating dark campgrounds, hiking trails, and bunks without waking the other campers.

10. Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack

If your camper is going to be around a lot of people, having a safe and secure place to store things can help give both of you peace of mind! The Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack is perfect for packing your child’s belongings, taking on day trips, and even keeping your camper’s valuables safe and secure while they’re off doing fun camp activities!

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