Complete Collection With Over 10 Carats of Cubic Zirconia!

Diamond-Z4 Collection


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Product Highlights

  • CUBIC ZIRCONIA: over 10 carats of sparkling cubic zirconia for a truly dazzling look
  • SILVER PLATED: accentuates the brilliance of the cubic zirconia
  • INCLUDED: one (1) Diamond-Z4 Collection (1 Diamond-Z4 Bracelet + 1 pair Diamond-Z4 Earrings + 1 Diamond-Z4 Necklace) and gift box

More Details

Personalize your sparkle with the endless combinations of jewelry pieces in the Diamond-Z4 Collection. Our Diamond-Z4 Collection features three coordinating staples—bracelet, earrings, and necklace—designed to embrace the subtle elegance of flawless cubic zirconia. The Diamond-Z4 bracelet showcases a breathtaking cubic zirconia stone centered between two smaller accent stones. Pair the silver-plated bracelet with the Diamond-Z4 Earrings for a show-stopping look. The stud earrings use prong settings to draw attention to the brilliant clarity of the cubic zirconia stones. Don the Diamond-Z4 Necklace to fully complete the look. The solitaire necklace displays a single cubic zirconia pendant that exudes elegance and stunning sophistication. All three pieces feature cubic zirconia accentuated by icy bright silver-plated metal for a luxurious feel. Mix and match the pieces for maximum sparkle, or wear each individually as statement pieces. With over 10 carats of flawless, brilliant cubic zirconia, the Diamond-Z4 Collection offers endless opportunities to sparkle and shine.

  • Coordinating pieces
  • Elegant and timeless designs
  • Bracelet features three crystal-clear cubic zirconia stones
  • 3.88 Carats total
  • Bracelet measures 7.5”
  • Stud earrings feature flawless cubic zirconia in prong setting
  • 3.6 Carats total
  • Solitaire necklace features a singular sparkling cubic zirconia stone
  • 2.85 Carats total
  • Venetian box chain measures 18”
  • Appraised at $205.00
  • Includes 1 Diamond-Z4 Bracelet, 1 pair of Diamond-Z4 Earrings, 1 Diamond-Z4 Necklace, and gift box

The Diamond-Z4 Collection comes with three pieces of jewelry: a Diamond-Z4 bracelet, a pair of Diamond-Z4 Earrings, and a Diamond-Z4 Necklace.

Cubic zirconia maintenance is fairly simple. Using a soft cotton or flannel cloth, gently rub the stone’s surface in a back-and-forth motion to remove fingerprints, smudges, or any debris. Circular rubbing may cause scratches. Additionally, you can use warm water and mild soap to clean the jewelry or use a trusted jewelry cleaner.

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