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Dump For Diabetic Cookbook



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  • LOW CARB: recipes cut refined sugars, as well as fat and sodium. 
  • LOTS OF RECIPES: cookbook include 250 recipes.
  • INCLUDED: one (1) Dump For Diabetics cookbook.

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Take the stress out of planning meals for healthy living with this essential cookbook for diabetics. Its over 200 carb-counted recipes can be made quickly and easily: just “dump” 5 ingredients or less into a pan, crockpot, or skillet and you’ll enjoy a savory, guilt-free meal in no time.

• Make tasty, easy diabetic-friendly meals in no time
• Features 200 recipes, including 100 delicious desserts
• Includes a food log to help you record what time you ate, what you ate, and how many grams of carbs your food contains
• Hardcover

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