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Grease Police 2-PK + Deluxe Hurricane Windshield Wizard

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GREASE POLICE: super-concentrated cleaner and degreaser emulsifies grease on contactDELUXE HURRICANE WINDSHIELD WIZARD: windshield cleaner tool that does the tough work for you

INCLUDED: one (1) Grease Police 2-PK & one (1) Deluxe Hurricane Windshield Wizard 

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Have you scrubbed and scoured your kitchen appliances and can’t get the grease off? It’s sticky, it’s stinky, and it’s a fire hazard. Where other non-toxic cleaning products fail, Grease Police™ succeeds. Grease Police™ is the magical degreaser and cleaner your kitchen desperately needs. Its super-concentrated formula emulsifies dirt and grime on contact and works on nearly all stubborn messes – even those that have been baked on for years! Imagine seeing your kitchen appliances sparkle. Grease Police™ is biodegradable and non-toxic, to you can use it outside on your BBQ grill and as a degreaser for your car to make your tires shine. You can even use Grease Police™ on your scummy tiles. When grime is the crime, call the police™.


Cleaning your windshield is a pain. It’s so hard to get those hard-to-reach places, like where your windshield meets your dashboard. That’s why we created an easy solution. Hurricane® Windshield Wizard™ is windshield cleaner tool that does the tough work for you. The microfiber bonnet removes dirt and film that accumulates on your windshield without the need of water. Just add water to the built-in water dispenser and spray your windshield with a touch of a button. Each microfiber bonnet has a super-absorbent shammy.  With a sleek, ergonomic handle with a pivoting head, you can finally get into those difficult areas - without the strenuous effort! Thanks to a folding handle and space-saving design, you can stash Hurricane® Windshield Wizard™ in your glove compartment or center console. Bring Hurricane® Windshield Wizard™ inside to defog mirrors, remove fingerprints from stainless steel appliances, or clean glass windows throughout your home.

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