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Hempvana Leg Ramp + Hempvana Pain Relief Cream 2PK

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HEMPVANA LEG RAMP: contours to your body so you can elevate your legs comfortably to reduce swelling
HEMPVANA PAIN RELIEF CREAM: enriched with hemp seed extract, it works fast to relieve pain
INCLUDES: one (1) Hempvana Leg Ramp & two (2) Hempvana Pain Relief Cream

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When you’re sitting or standing all day, your legs swell and hurt. You want relief fast! Chances are you’ve searched how to reduce swelling in feet. Luckily, there’s an easy solution. Hempvana® Leg Ramp™ leg pillow is a super-comfortable way to elevate your feet for fast relief while you relax. The pillow is designed to improve blood flow in the legs. Unlike uncomfortable piles of pillows, Hempvana® Leg Ramp™ leg pillow is ergonomically designed with you in mind. It contours to the shape of your legs for the ultimate comfort. Simply fill it with the included air pump. Hempvana® Leg Ramp™ is perfect for swollen legs, too! When you’re ready to put Hempvana® Leg Ramp™ away, just deflate and store flat in your drawer or closet. Isn’t it time you gave your legs a rest with Hempvana®Leg Ramp™?

Sometimes minor pain prevents you from doing everyday tasks. It’s the type of pain that makes you miss out on important moments. And when you need quick relief from minor pain and muscle soreness, you want a treatment that won’t irritate your skin or smell bad. Hempvana® Pain Relief Cream temporarily relieves pain associated with arthritis, simple backache, muscle strains, sprains, and bruises. The quick-absorbing formula contains the FDA-listed ingredient, Trolamine Salicylate 10%, to help ease the discomfort of pain. Just massage Hempvana® Pain Relief Cream into the painful area the cream goes to work fast. And because the cream enriched with hemp seed extract*, it has an added moisturizing benefit. Enjoy life again with Hempvana® Pain Relief Cream.

*Complies with Federal Law. Hemp seed extract in the form of oil made by cold pressing industrial hemp seeds.

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