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PediVac Refills



Product Highlights

  • REPLACEMENT FILTERS: help the built-in vacuum clean as PediVac removes calluses
  • REFILL HEADS: gently and effectively remove calluses to buff and polish skin
  • INCLUDED: one (1) set of PediVac Refills

More Details

PediVac is the electric foot file that erases stubborn calluses in seconds to give you the smooth, sexy skin you deserve! Now, you can keep your PediVac running smoothly with our essential PediVac Refills. You get ten (10) replacement filters, five (5) buffing pad refills, and five (5) emery board pad refills. Use the replacement filters to prevent clogging and build-up in the built-in vacuum to keep PediVac’s motor clean and running. Emery board pad refills help PediVac spin away calluses and dry skin while buffing pad refills polish and smooth skin for baby-soft feet. With PediVac Refills, your PediVac will always be ready to give you a fast, gentle, mess-free pedicure wherever you go!

  • Refill set for PediVac (PediVac NOT included)
  • Replacement filters keep vacuum clean
  • Prevent clogged motor and build-up of skin shavings and dust
  • Emery board pads remove calluses and dry skin
  • Buffing pads finish by smoothing and polishing skin
  • Includes 10 replacement filters + 10 head refills (5-buffing pads and 5 emery pads


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